J.S. Johnson Jr.


Born in USA, 1967


Self-taught and professsionally trained by Albert T. Parker, Owner, Parkwest Photography of  Chandler, AZ


Mission Statement of Freedom Photography by J.S. Johnson," Where day to day expressions of freedom are made into long-lasting memories".

The early 80's brought about the idea of photography to the forefront of James' mind after dabbling with his parents' Minolta SLR as a young teenager. After spending countless dollars and numerous hours absorbing each breath-taking, black and white and color-filled image that adorned the pages of his favorite magazine;  James thought to pursue a career as a professional photographer for National Geographic.  At eighteen, he discovered how much he truly loved photography when he built his first pin-hole, box camera and learned how to develop film. He knew then that photography would be a vital part of his life.

James spent many years dabbling as a shutterbug, taking candid shots of family and friends at one event or another, "always behind the camera and never in front", slowing deferring his dream of becoming a National Geographic photograper and allowing "life" to take over.   Then in 2008,  James found himself in a conversation with a dear friend, Silas Jefferson,  talking about the challenges of using God-given talents. Silas was a poet/writer suffering from writers block and himself,  as a photographer, not having a decent camera.  At Christmas, Silas blessed James with the one tool he would need to once again pursue his lifelong dream, his first digital SLR, a Canon Rebel.  James' love that had once been lost, was now found! In 2012, he was afforded the opportunity of working with the greatest ballroom dance/action photographer in the country, Albert T. Parker.  Albert helped James to fine tune his natural God-given talent and attain a greater understanding of  the technical aspects of photographic expression.  This training eventually gave James the confidence to branch out on his  own and to start what is Freedom Photography by J.S. Johnson.  A company that is dedicated to bringing out the freedom of day to day expression and transforming it into long-lasting memories.


Freedom Photography by J.S. Johnson specializing in Ballroom/Action, Wedding, Portraiture, Nature, and Landscape Photography


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